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Bioseptal PSP99 Disinfectant

Product Introduction

PSP99 is a biocidal product effective in removing unwated microorgamisms such as various strains of viruses, bacteria & fungi. Due to its strong disinfecting properties PSP99 is address to professional use in hospitals, private clinics, dental offices and other places that require highly sterile conditions.

Active Ingredients

PSP 99 is based on the active ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and mono ion silver, which are characterized by strong biocidal properties. Products containing hydrogen peroxide and / or silver in ionic or colloidal form have been known & used in medicine and professional disinfectants for years, therefore the use of PSP99 has confirmed level of safety. 

Hydrogen Peroxide CAS 7722-84-1

Monoionic Silver 130 ppm CAS


Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Monooleate 1100 ppm, Monoionic Silver 130 ppm, Hydrogen Peroxide 950 ppm, Water,

Bioseptal PSP99 Disifectant | Recommendations

PSP99 due to its strong antiseptic features based on 2 independent active ingredients: hydrogen peroxide & mono-ionic silver PSP99 is suitable for various purposes. The product might be used to disinfect hands & human skin of both adults and children as well as surfaces in medical areas, office equipment in workplaces, communal areas in public transportation, libraries, schools and areas in other public institutions,  mechanical equipment in production facilities and so on. PSP99 effectively disinfects also surfaces of consumer goods, sanitary areas, door handles, smartphones and other daily used objects & surfaces. 


Adults Hands & Skin 

Children Hands & Skin


Technical Equipment

Objects in Public Area

Directions for use

Bioseptal PSP 99 Disinfectant eliminates various strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi from skin & surfaces. 

Key features of Bioseptal PSP 99 Disinfecting Liquid

– Alcohol-free formula, which excludes the risk of inflamation / ignition.
– Double disinfection mechanism based on hydrogen peroxide and mono ion silver active ingredients.
– Leaving active mono-ionic silver coating on disinfected surfaces, which limits the accumulation of pathogens up to several hours after application.
– Can be used universally both directly on the skin and on usable surfaces. PSP99 passes the disinfection procedures used in almost all industries: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hospitals and clinics, swimming pools, consumer goods, livestock (farms), etc.
– Simple and easy-to-use disinfection procedure: Completely cover the object to be disinfected with undiluted PSP 99 fluid (e.g. by spraying) and allow it to dry.
– No side effects.

How to use

Use undiluted Bioseptal PSP99 to cover completely skin & surfaces which are meant to be disinfected. Let it dry without wiping. Silver ions present in PSP99 and distributed on disinfected objects create silver coating surface that reduce unwanted microorganisms from the disinfected object up to 12 hours from use – if not removed by scratching & washing. 


Disinfecting Mechanism 

PSP 99 achieves excellent disinfection results due to the use of widely recognized chemical reaction mechanisms. Silver ions contained in the solution react with catalase – a protein produced by microorganisms to protect their cell walls from damage. Polysorbate 80 present in the PSP 99 formula significantly increases the ability of silver ions to penetrate microbial defense and catalase binding affinity. The whole process allows hydrogen peroxide and silver ions contained in the PSP 99 formula to destroy the cell wall, penetrate the nucleus of the microorganism and finally – effectively eliminate the pathogen. After the distribution of the PSP99 solution on the disinfected surface and its disinfection, silver ions accumulated in the form of a protective layer – remain on the object, limiting subsequent accumulation of pathogens.

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